Outdoor Recreation: 5 Safety Tips

Does your family enjoy outdoor recreation? Do you like to go hiking, bicycling, swimming or play group sports? No matter what kinds of activities you choose, you can limit the number of injuries that occur and have a good safe time. Stay Hydrated Your body is mostly water and you need to make sure everyone stays hydrated. Your family will lose precious fluids while they are having fun. The hotter it is and the higher the activity level, the faster fluids are lost. Make sure you bring plenty of drinking water with you. Be sure to keep it cool on a hot day by storing in a cooler or insulated bag.

Know Your Limits Know your family’s usual activity level and plan your outdoor recreation activities accordingly. If your family is not very athletic, make sure you plan breaks into your day. If you are a very athletic group of people, plan activities that will keep everyone busy and moving for longer periods. Planning your activities around your family’s activity level will keep injuries from occurring due to exhaustion.

Bring a First Aid Kit You should always carry a basic first aid kit with you whenever you do any sort of outdoor recreation. You need to be able to administer basic first aid when you are away from your car, house or any densely populated area. Keep the first aid kit well stocked and make sure any medications have not expired. Basic first aid kits often come fully stocked in handy carrying cases that you can toss into your backpack.

Use Protective Gear Whether you are rollerblading, bicycling, scuba diving or canoeing, you need to wear the appropriate protective gear. Make sure everyone in your family has the right equipment for your activity. If you are hiking, wear appropriate sturdy shoes. If you are on wheels, make sure everyone wears their helmet. If you are doing watersports, everyone needs to have a lifevest.

Keep Equipment in Good Shape Make sure all outdoor recreation equipment is in good operating condition. Check your equipment at the beginning and end of each season, when you take it out and put it away. Repair any damage after each use. Get your equipment serviced at regular intervals.

No matter what outdoor recreation activity your family enjoys, you can do small things to ensure you stay safe. Bringing enough water, knowing your limits, having a first aid kit, using protective gear and keeping your equipment in good shape will ensure that your family has a good time with limited interruptions because of injuries.

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