45-Minute Barbell Strength On Demand


Strength training is an important element of any fitness regimen. It can boosts metabolism, increase bone density, and build lean muscles that fuel fat loss, among numerous other benefits.

If you’re new to weight training, Life Time’s Barbell Strength class is an ideal place to start. It’s based on building a foundation and perfecting form and techniques. This makes it an equally great class for those who are well into their fitness journey, supporting continuous improvement over time.

“This class is truly for anyone,” says Jessica Feldman, a certified group fitness instructor and the group fitness marketing manager at Life Time. “You will soon start to notice that the weights you select may increase as you build up your own strength.”

We asked Feldman to give us some more insights into the format.

What do you love about Barbell Strength?

I tend to be a cardio junkie, but I love taking and teaching this format because of the focus on strength training and muscular endurance. No muscle gets left behind — you work through seven muscle groups throughout the 45- or 60-minute class. When I’m teaching it, I enjoy creating awesome playlists with epic beat drops to really bring fun to strength training.

What can participants expect from this class?

You can expect an educated instructor paired with great music to make strength training enjoyable and exciting. Your instructor will be your guide, teaching you how to train each muscle group effectively and efficiently. The class calls for using dumbbells or our iron-grip equipment (available in select club locations). At home, you can use whatever equipment you have available.

What makes Barbell Strength an effective workout?

This class is all about mastering the basics. As a low-impact, high-strength option, you’ll be able to determine the weights that allow you to feel successful. While your instructor guides you through working each muscle group to fatigue, the music will keep you going. By the end of class, you’ll feel the burn and be proud of what you accomplished.

If someone enjoys Barbell Strength, what’s another class they could try?

Barbell Strength is a foundational class that really prepares you to take on any class we offer. If you are looking to switch it up, some other great options are Gluteus MAXout, UPPER Rx, and Kettlebell Kombine. Don’t forget about recovery — muscles need a break, too! I’d recommend mixing in a SURRENDER Yoga class every now and then to really bring your training to the next level.

If you’d like to try Barbell Strength at your club location, you can view the class schedule here.

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