Dancing to Relieve Stress: 3 On-Demand Classes to Try at Home


For some, exercise can be something of a chore. But when you find the right plan or format that’s fun and leaves you with that post-workout feeling of being able to take on the world, you quickly forget about any “work” involved. Enter cardio-dance fitness.

“Exercise, especially dance, is a celebration of what our bodies can do,” says Jasmine de LaCruz, signature format master trainer at Life Time in Garland, Texas. “Many people enjoy cardio-dance classes because they allow you to focus on the enjoyment you’re getting out of it, not the effort you’re putting in.”

De LaCruz loves teaching these types of classes in particular because she views dance as a way to relieve stress. “When I was younger, dancing was my outlet for artistic expression. Now, with all the adult responsibilities that come with working and raising three boys, teaching these classes gives me the same rush I used to feel when I’d hit the stage for a performance. All of the deadlines, school projects, and never-ending piles of laundry take a backseat,” says de LaCruz.

She says she sees members reap the same benefits. “When I look at the faces of participants, I see their stress levels melt away with every song. That’s how I know they’re also coming to class for a little bit of therapy,” says DeLaCruz. “I love that I get to share that endorphin rush with them.”

Try these three different styles of cardio-dance classes taught by de LaCruz below and see how they make you feel. If you’re looking to incorporate into your routine, she suggests a medium-intensity class (one that gets you good and sweaty) anywhere from three to five times a week, depending on your other activities.

Life Time also offers some cardio-dance classes that incorporate bodyweight strength training or weighted dumbbells, which can add a nice muscle-building bonus on top of the cardiovascular endurance benefits you’re already reaping.

Dance Jam

“I could never decide which dance style I like the most, so thank goodness for Dance Jam — you get a little taste of everything, so prepare to never be bored,” says de LaCruz. “The hardest part is walking through the door or clicking play; once the beat drops, it’s showtime.”

Hip Hop

“This class delivers a little bit of hip hop with a whole lot of attitude. Once you finish, you’ll feel like you’re ready to be a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez,” says de LaCruz.

Life Barre

“Whether you’ve never taken a ballet class or its been years since you’ve donned a tutu, you’ve come to the right place,” says DeLaCruz. “Life Barre takes those familiar fitness moves and adds a graceful spin to them.”

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