6 Stress Relieving Activities You Can Do With Your Family


Our everyday life responsibilities and activities may tire us. Going to work, studying, and house chores, among others, are some of these daily tasks that can quickly build stress in the family members. So, it essential that we do something to take off some of the stress before it burns us. Schedule a regular family time for relieving these stresses and have fun with the gang.

Here are seven stress-relieving activities that you can do with your family! 

Get Active

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Being physically active has been known to affect a person’s overall health significantly. So why don’t you start dedicating days in a week to exercise with your family?

Find a routine that works for every member of the gang. Whether you wanted to run or walk around the block or in the park – what’s important is that you are doing what suits the members of your family. Because a trip to the doctor for twisting a joint is not a stress-reliever, but a stress-inducing experience. 

And if you don’t want to go outside, there are physical activities that you can do at home too!

Dancing is another way to get active at home. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but it is also suitable for sweating out. It does not cost much too as you only need some music and music player and then you start busting sweet moves with your family! And if you cannot choreograph your own steps, the internet has plenty of tutorials that you can follow and jive to when dancing. 

A safety reminder, though – always warm up before exercising and cool down after to prevent injuries.

Do Arts And Crafts

If you want a more quiet and sit-down activity, then go crafting. You can learn to knit with the family and create scarves for each other! You can also challenge yourselves and knit a big blanket that fits all of you, for the upcoming cold days. 

Don’t like knitting? Try painting or drawing. You can sketch each other and hang up the creative outputs on the wall. You may find out that one of you is the next Da Vinci or Picasso. You may also do it together by painting a mural on one of your walls! The good thing about doing this activity is that you can also let your toddler participate with you. So all the gang can have fun and relax.

Want more challenging activities for older kids and teens? Get the hammer and nails and start building things that you need at home – tables, chairs, and cabinets, too name a few. Just remember to exercise caution when using the saw or hammer to prevent accidents.

Prepare Meals Together

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Another relaxing activity that you can do with your family is cooking! Teach your children how to cook and have extra help in the kitchen while preparing lunch or dinner. These recipes are easy to do at home and are healthy too.

Not only is cooking a tremendous stress-relieving activity, but it is also an excellent sensory experience for your family. It also lets you practice concentration and mindfulness because you need to get your measurements right for a delicious meal.

Kids will also definitely enjoy helping you bake, especially since they get to grab a few chocolate chips along the way. And they get to practice their fine motor skills by helping you knead and shape your dough for cookies. 

Start Cleaning

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Do you know that cleaning relaxes your mind? The primary reason is that clutter can be stressful. Not knowing where to find what you need or seeing piles of laundry strewn around the house harms your health. Being busy all the time may also make it difficult to clean the house. But doing it with your family will make it easier to finish the job. Ridding your homes of mess can easily elevate your mood. 

Another reason cleaning is a great stress-reliever is that it is a physical activity too. You will need to walk around the house, pick stuff up, mop, sweep, and wash, so you are always moving your body. So if you don’t like jogging or running, get the broom or the vacuum and start cleaning your home with the family.

Practice Gratitude

Another sit-down stress-relieving activity that you can do with the family anytime, anywhere, is practicing gratitude. You can easily do this over dinner or when you are just lounging in the living room. Every member takes turns, saying what they are thankful for or what the highlights are of their day or week. Gratefulness can make you more resilient to stress and significantly reduce the worries you feel every day.

Start Laughing Together

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Do you know that there is such a thing called laughter yoga? And what you do is literally laugh yourself off while doing activities.

The thing about laughter that most people do not know is that it is a good exercise for your body. A hearty laugh contracts your abdominal muscles and boosts blood flow. It also reduces pressure and improves the immune system. And it is an excellent family activity that you can at home to relieve stress.

And if you don’t find laughter yoga funny, then try other activities that can promote laughter in the family. As Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D. puts it, “Laugh as hard and as often as possible. Watch comedies, read funny books. Share funny stories. Go see your favorite comedian. Create your own comedy night with friends. Surround yourself with funny people. It will lift your spirits, reduce your stress, and boost your energy.”

Stress impacts the way we deal with the people around us, especially within the family. So find some time to spend together and try these stress-relieving activities that are good for the body and your family!

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