Channeling Pandemic-Induced Anxiety To Wiser Activities


I felt scared for my best friend’s well-being when I found out that she had barely left her bedroom after hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic on the news. I did not know it at first, even though we talked over the phone several times. Luckily, her mother called me and asked if I could help coax her daughter out of the room.

When I chatted with my best friend, she told me that the pandemic was causing her anxiety to flare up. Merely thinking of it made her too helpless, to the extent that all she wanted to do was stay in bed.

I would have comforted my best friend with a long hug on that day, but visiting family and friends was not allowed. So, I encouraged her to channel this pandemic-induced anxiety to be able to do the following:



Stay At Home

The primary activity that I can suggest is staying at home. I know that it is already a requirement in widely affected cities or countries, but not everyone seems to heed this advice. 

Just today, for instance, I looked out of my window and saw a few moms huddling together at a park in front of my house. Their kids were also present, playing with each other. 

If you can channel your fear of catching the coronavirus into stopping yourself from stepping out like those folks, that will be perfect. 



Get Groceries Online

The grocery store is perhaps one of the scariest places in an anxious person’s eyes during a pandemic. Imagine, different kinds of people enter its doors daily. The guards may use a thermal scanner to check everyone’s temperature before going in, but it is no guarantee that none of them carries the coronavirus. After all, some patients are asymptomatic, so their temperature may be the same as yours.

Since your anxiety is justifiable, you can avoid going to the store and getting hungry by ordering your supplies online. Some grocery owners have created websites and started delivering orders at customers’ doorsteps since the outbreak occurred. You may try and virtually pay for the items so that you won’t need to meet the delivery folks outside. 



Keep Your Mask On

Has your boss asked you to return to work, and you have no choice but to leave the safety of your home? The request may not sit well with you, but it may be unwise to say ‘no’, especially if your superior argue that you won’t need to use public transportation.

Despite the latter, you should remember to wear a mask and keep it on while you are out of the house. Try not to take it off even when you are at your desk or everyone claims to be coronavirus-free. There is no harm in becoming overprotective of yourself at this time.



Wave At People In Greeting

It is common for individuals to shake hands, hug, or kiss each other’s cheek in greeting. None of them are unavoidable, whether you are around loved ones or clients. You want to show them how friendly and approachable you are by doing so.

However, since the coronavirus outbreak continues to threaten all of us, people may not mind if your courteousness stops at waving at them. It is best to do it at least two meters away from them so that even a tiny drop of saliva won’t reach you if it flies out of their mouth.

Final Thoughts

The vaccine that we are all waiting for may not come until next year. In the meantime, feel free to use your anxiety to shield yourself from potential sources of coronavirus. 

Good luck!

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