Anxiety Is A Chronic Problem



The 2019 Anxiety Conference opened up the eyes of all the participants. Did you know that 6.8 million Americans have GAD or General Anxiety Disorder? About 6 million have panic disorder. These numbers were reported by ADAA or Anxiety and Depression Association of America just this May 2020. It is an alarming number. That means people are living their day to day lives with worries and fears that are not supposed to be happening. Can they control it as the ultimate question?

Before going to the topic of controlling anxiety, the global number is 1 out of 13. It means that one out of thirteen people in the world has some type of anxiety. It is, in fact, the most common mental health problem worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD). And yes, there are ways to treat a mental health problems. The keyword is treatment. There is no permanent cure, though. Anxiety can be a lifelong problem, and it has to be addressed promptly.

What are the ways to cope and treat anxiety? Mental health professionals will tell you that if you are suffering from anxiety, then you need to see a mental health counselor. This is correct. An expert in mental health can surely assist those with moderate to severe anxiety symptoms. One may need to intake and consume medicine like SSRI’s so that the anxiety is medically contained. Of course, counseling is also a necessary treatment.


As for those who have mild anxiety, it is not to be brushed off even if it is just slight. If left untreated, those with mild anxiety can have the disorder develop or mature into moderate or severe anxiety. Who would want that? Nobody, and so, if you are feeling too worrisome or fearful about something that has not been an issue with you before, then you need to consider seeing a mental health expert.

Anxiety does not have to plague your life. This was discussed at the conference. But then again, it is a chronic problem if you do not seek immediate help.

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