How To Calm Down Anxiety And Panic Attack?



One thing you should realize about anxiety or panic attack is that the feeling should have to be temporary. You must put in mind that the mental condition does not own you so it should not control your life. It must not impact your future decisions, family and social relations, and as well as developmental growth. Indeed, it is considered not easy to step out and disregard it. But the only way you can get through it is by allowing your mind, body, and soul to help you. So how will you be able to do that? Here are a few of the things you might want to consider.

Focus On Slow Breathing Techniques – In times of anxiety and panic attack, your body tends to cooperate with the mental condition. There are moments that you may find it hard to breathe due to your increased heart rate. With that, focus on slow breathing. Try to sit up straight and breathe through your nose. After that, exhale through your mouth. It would also feel pleasant when you try and close your eyes while doing the breathing exercise.


Concentrate On Beautiful Things In Life – Relieving anxiety and a panic attack may take some time. But along with deep breathing, allow your mind to relax. Think only of the things that make you happy. Focus on something that brings pleasure such as your family, friends, loved one, or your pet. Think about the happy moments with them and secure those thoughts that make you smile.

Create A Diversion – Another way to fight anxiety is by forming a diversion. You can turn to music. Listen to it or play instruments. You can also try journaling, drawing, or painting. These are soothing activities that will guarantee a lift to your mood. You can also play simple video games. Take note; do not attempt to play the stressful ones. Or you can sip hot coffee or tea. Warm milk will also do.


Talk To Someone – The best remedy to secure your mental health is taking time to talk to your loved ones. It will make you feel loved. It will help you realize that you are not alone and that people surrounding you are more than happy to be with you. Talking to them will ease the emotional and psychological burden. And just by telling them how you feel, you will gain an improvement to your overall recovery.

Shut Down Your Negative Thoughts – One way to shut down negative thoughts is by not thinking about the past, present, and future complications you think you might or will be having. Life is uncertain, and there are so many things to explore. You have to let go of the unwanted stuff in your head that does not contribute anything to your development

Dealing with a mental health condition is something not everyone can process immediately. However, when you make sure that you are worth your anxiety, everything good will follow.

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