5 Best Battery-Saving Apps To Avoid Panicking And Needing A Counselor


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Whenever a person fishes out their smartphone to make an emergency call home and finds out that it has zero percent battery life, it seems likely for them to experience a panic attack and possible need a counselor afterward. That is especially true if you are in a life-or-death situation, and that one call appears to be the sole way for you to survive that event.

The thing is, no one can blame it to forgetting to charge the mobile device up to 100% before leaving the house. Some gadgets tend to run out of juices when you use it extensively throughout the day. Even though you remove games, music or other apps, you can’t avoid doing so at times, primarily when you are a busy individual, and various people want to talk to you.

Considering you are not the type of person who brings a charger and remembers where they placed it, though, the only solution we can think of is downloading an application that’s supposed to help you keep your phone’s battery alive longer than usual. Below are the five best battery-saving apps we have tried and approved.

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Battery Doctor

The Battery Doctor works in the same way that a physician does, in the sense that it analyzes the entire system, makes a diagnosis of the problematic apps, and offers the users realistic advice on how to solve the issues. It has a feature wherein you can see which applications are consuming your battery life the most, as well as how many hours you can save when you close several apps. You may also check the temperature of your smartphone and customize a battery-saving plan.

DU Battery Saver

There have been news reports wherein a smartphone becomes hot and sometimes goes on fire after being used for hours. Because it can happen when the battery gets overly exhausted, it is vital to install the DU Battery Saver. This app not only cools your battery down but also optimizes your system’s features so that they won’t drain the device’s energy too much. Apart from that, it promises to save up to 60% power, which is honestly impressive.


PowerPro is one of the most efficient power-saving apps ever developed. You see, it can inform you of how fast your battery life is getting drained and offers to optimize things on your behalf. You may set up and toggle diverse modes as well, depending on where you are, what time it is, and how much energy is left in your gadget. Moreover, you can alter the brightness and resolution of the images that appear on the screen. After all, the clearer and brighter the picture is, the more power it tends to consume.

Avast Battery Saver

The Avast Battery Saver provides an aesthetic and practical appeal that some users look for even in apps that are supposed to save your battery’s life. Instead of more words, the online application shows different icons that are easily identifiable for someone who uses a mobile device all the time. Some of its features include stopping multiple applications from running at once, optimize your system’s settings, and extending its duration up to 20%. That gives you enough chance to call your loved one during an emergency.

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Power Battery

In case all the battery-saving apps mentioned earlier are too complex for the users, Power Battery is another utility tool to download. The idea behind the application is simple: spot every app that drains the battery (meaning, runs for too long) so that you may choose to close them. It also shows you different battery-saving modes, along with a battery-cooling setting to prevent your device from overheating or, worse, exploding.

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Final Thoughts

No matter how much a company claims that their gadgets can last over a day without charging it, after all, you should know that that’s merely possible if you only turn it on to check the time to send a text or two. However, if you watch videos, play games, or stay on the line with someone for some time, its battery life will undoubtedly decrease. Because of that, downloading a battery-saving app is worth a try, especially for folks who are on their smartphone almost 24/7.

Look for the best one above now. Good luck!

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