Three Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Blogging


Have you ever felt like there is one activity that you have always wanted to try yet you still haven’t because of anxiety, and so now you suddenly want to get therapy? You ideally have all the means to do it; nobody is criticizing your wish or saying that you should not even think about it. Despite that, you cannot seem to jump over that invisible obstacle and fulfill your dreams.

Yes, it can be stressful to be in that situation.



The thing is, I know of many people who are so skilled in writing. They tend to create poems, short stories, and even inspirational content that everyone deserves to see. The problem is that some of these folks seem to get scared every time they hear the word “blogging” – as if someone asked them to try cliff-diving.

That is a reaction that genuinely boggles me. If we are honest, if you know your capabilities and that you are good at what you can do, there is no need to be afraid of potential criticisms or judgmental comments from others. Haters can blab as much as they please, after all, but those ill-meaning individuals won’t be able to affect you if you do not allow them.

It is normal to feel jittery when you are about to create your first blog, but when you are already on your second or third post, and your knees still shake whenever your cursor hovers above the Publish button, that is quite worrying. Before setting an appointment with a therapist, though, you should try to read the following ways to get over your fear of blogging.



Keep On Reminding Yourself That You Can Do It

Let it be known to you that your brain creates your fear, and therefore it is just created by you. Perhaps you think negatively about yourself, eh? Well, you have to stop trying to pull yourself down now if you want to be a successful blog and start saying the encouraging words “I can do this” soon after you wake up and when you are already working so that it can happen for you.

Take Pride In Your Writing Skills

Admittedly, not a lot of people can write well-informed and exciting blogs. Yet, you can still see them posting stuff on the web.

What such folks have that you do not is undeniably high self-esteem. They take pride in their ability to create content even it is evident that their skills are not top-notch. They do not care about getting bashed by viewers because these individuals think more about the sense of fulfillment that they experience with every blog posted. And, most often than not, boldness pays off.



Now, assuming that you know your writing ability is far greater than what these people possess, then why are you still sitting there and letting your fears consume you? Having a little bit of confidence to yourself and your natural blogging skills goes a long way – that’s for sure. It can take you to places in no time and allow you to feel more alive than ever.

Consider Yourself As The King Or Queen Of The Jungle Called Internet

If worse comes to worst, you have to think of yourself as a lion or a lioness who charges forward no matter how big or small the competition may be. The internet world is no different from a massive jungle where all kinds of creatures are living. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be scared once you think of yourself as the king or the queen of this jungle. Truth be told, it will honestly be amazing if you remain quiet while the hates growl from every direction since you are very much aware that you can beat them all with your knowledge and writing prowess.



Final Thoughts

There are still more shareable tips that you may try to get the fear of blogging out of your system. However, the three ideas mentioned above are the primary ones you ought to remember to ensure that your blogs will always be worth reading. After all, isn’t that the end game of every blogger out there – to know that their readers always come back because they learn something from you every single time?

Happy blogging!

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