Little Known Facts About Anxiety



Perhaps the reason why a lot of people suffer from mental health issue is that they know little about it. Some of them feel weird about themselves but then chose to ignore it because they think it is not that bad. Some know what they emotionally and mentally have, but do not want to talk about it too. Some get diagnosed, but still, do not consider medication or therapy for recovery. Perhaps that’s because everything is a choice. And sometimes, people only think about it when it is already too late. Or maybe, people don’t realize how bad the situation is because they know little about the subject.

Things People Might Not Know

So many people in the world do not know enough about anxiety. It is a fact. Possibly that is the reason why a lot of them don’t give a damn about it. But one thing they should consider is the role of genetics in the presence of anxiety. That means if one or both parents have a mental condition, there is a high chance that their sons and daughters will experience the same situation as well.


Another thing that people should know is that half of the population suffering from the mental condition and appear diagnosed from anxiety disorders are also suffering from a depressive state. It is the reason why the symptoms get worse because both anxiety and depression take a more significant chunk of individuals’ physical, emotional, and mental state. It is also why recovery becomes more difficult. Both mental illnesses are hard and bad enough at the same time.

The thing about anxiety is that its usual targets are women. The women population experienced a double and sometimes triple risk for obtaining anxiety disorders compared to men. Some cases and studies show anxiety typically occurs in women at a younger age. Usually, it is on their puberty stage. Some experts believe that it is due to women’s emotional vulnerability where they often overthink about things that don’t seem to matter.


People also might not have known that their anxiety makes them great. Yes, it may sound weird. But others appreciate those people with anxiety. That is due to their sensitivity skills. Because by the time socially anxious people talk, they already managed to formulate the things they want to say. They can significantly convey a clear message that allows others to understand easily. These anxious individuals’ words are already well thought and considered that often leaves a positive impression.

Perhaps the most uncommon thing that people did not know about anxiety is its ability to confuse the sense of smell. Yes, that is correct. Research and studies find that anxiety impacts neutral smell and labels it as a bad smell. It somehow explains why certain people lose their appetite when they are anxious. They do not feel any excitement towards a portion of food because, for them, it does not smell good.

So in case you experience some of these little known facts of anxiety, might as well consider your mental condition. It’s never to know than to assume.

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