What A Panic Attack Feels Like


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Panic attack sucks. You will probably hate it so much that you will lock yourself in your room for the whole day and will never want to leave. Most cases, there are mixed emotions that make you overthink. You might feel you are going to die or something. The mental condition’s sequence appears to be the same all the time. There is a constant focus on horrible things that are about to happen, which sometimes is not realistic any more. There is a buildup of psychological imbalance where you think about terrible things over and over again. There is an obsession with what could happen if the horrible thoughts would entirely occur.

What Else Could Happen?

Panic attacks do not only make you freak out. There are cases that it can physically affect you. Your heart will start to go up, you will experience excessive sweating, your body will feel numb, and your mind will think that you are going crazy. It creates a loop where the only existing things for you at that moment are the negative thoughts and your emotional and physical reaction. Of course, you want to find the right method or technique that will prevent you from having such a panic attack. Perhaps you already managed to consult a therapist about that. Maybe you are now under medication. That is fine. However, I supposed you are wondering why some of those distractions don’t genuinely work all the time. That is because it doesn’t. So what on earth can you do at such moments?

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Can You Control It?

The challenge of controlling panic attacks takes some ridiculous actions at some point. It is considerable that you may feel a little off about yourself due to its capability to control you. But, positivity is always a significant way to handle mental pressure. But if you already tried doing things those professional experts suggest but didn’t seem to work, try embracing the mental condition. It may sound counterintuitive, I know. But instead of fighting and resisting the thoughts you have, bring them out in the open. Regularly talk about your problems and introduce your weakness to yourself. Do not worry if sometimes you feel it is not working. That is fine. Just focus on the inner voice and concentrate on how you feel. Yes, it may sound crazy, but it might just work for you. In spite of all the emotional and mental chaos you are having, thinking about it a million times will do nothing. But if you know you are not at all worries at your worries, things will become a little different.

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During your panic attacks, your anxiety also grows massively. That is where you change perceptions because there is a feeling that something inside is trying to kill you. However, always remember a few bits of solid advice that you can hold. The condition will never hurt you because it won’t, and it can’t. You need to cope with the thinking duality you have for you to get over the dastardly episodes of panic attacks.

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