9 Simple Things That Will Instantly Lift Your Spirits



There are going to be those times when you feel down, when you feel like giving up, when life seems to be full of monotony.

Those are the times that you might have to muster a bit of extra inner strength to keep going — they’re also the times that make you a stronger person.

And luckily, there are little steps you can take to make it a bit easier.

We rounded up 9 simple things that will instantly lift your spirits.



1. Smile at everyone you make eye contact with.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most rewarding. Next time you’re walking around in public, make a point to smile at everyone you make eye contact with. There’s a very solid chance they will smile back, and an instant uplifting feeling will ensue.



2. Turn off your phone.

How many hours a day do you spend starting at your phone? Is it really giving you satisfaction to lazily scroll through meaningless apps? Believe it or not, there was once a day in the not-too-distant past when people only picked up a phone to talk to someone on the other end (and the didn’t do it very often). Turning the phone off will give you more time to appreciate the people in your life and everything else going on around you.


3. Go on a cleaning spree.

Cleaning can be very relaxing. It’s simple and consistent and a good way to take your mind off things. Plus, when you’re finished and everything is in order and shiny, your spirits are definitely going to be lifted.



4. Dance around the house.

Sure, it’s a bit cliché, but it really does work. Crank up some of your favorite music and get jiggy with it. Spin and twirl around the room. Grab a loved one and make them join you. And when you inevitably start smiling and laughing, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



5. Sing in the shower.

Whether you can carry a tune or not, there’s no harm at all in bellowing out your favorite song while the warm water runs over you. In fact, it will get your mind off all your worries and remind you that life is all about the little things.



6. Do that one thing you keep putting off.

You know exactly the thing we’re talking about. Stop procrastinating. Make a commitment to do it — and then go do it. Accomplishment is a powerful emotion.



7. Wear something nice.

Is there a little black dress in your closet? Maybe a classy pant suit? Bust it out and put it on, then go out in public. Putting on something classy will bump up your confidence and make for a better day.



8. Shut down your computer, mobile device, etc.

The internet is chock full of knowledge and opportunities. It’s also a major time-suck. And the more time we spend on it, the more we give up our time for the virtual, which elicits us nothing in return. When you force yourself off it, you’ll find yourself putting more time into substantive things — rewarding things — in the real world instead.



9. Play hooky.

Work can be rewarding and mood-boosting in it’s own right, but sometimes a day off is just what the doctor ordered. Take a day out of the office and relax. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Refresh and rejuvenate. You’ll be happy you did.


What do you do to lift your spirits? Share in the comments below!


Author: Caitlin H
Diet-to-Go Community Manager

Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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