Me, My Mind, & I: The Importance Of Mental Wellness


In our society today, many awareness movements about mental health have been on the rise. Many different studies show that the current era today experiences more mental illnesses compared to past generations because the youth today are given more pressure to meet standards and expectations which causes the increase in the population who have suicidal tendencies, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and many other mental health issues.

This is very alarming because mental health issues like these are rampant in teenagers in which may have been caused by different traumatic or degrading experiences at home, in school, in the neighborhood, or even online.


Being Mindful & Knowledgeable

What causes more talk on the issue is some people ignore and disregard the different symptoms of mental health issues as they assume the person is just asking for attention or wanting to be noticed. This is complete and utterly dangerous. In a society where words can kill just as much as blades, it’s essential to really be careful with the words we use. It may either make or break a person.

Knowing The Difference

Ever since the topic of mental health has risen in all parts of the world, there still a lot of misconceptions with the different types which may fall under it. For some, it may just seem like a ‘nervous habit,’ but in reality, continuous habits like this, can already actually be a symptom of mental illness. To help us better understand the many kinds of mental illnesses which are very common today, let’s briefly define some of it:


  • Depression

Depression is a medical, mental illness which may affect how a person feels, thinks, and acts in a generally negative way. Depression in the simplest sense causes feelings of emptiness, sadness, and disinterest in a person’s lifestyle, and may not be easily identified right away.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is when a person feels very uneasy; always has thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, or insecurity. Minimal anxiety at first may be normal, but if it happens to often, it can be classified as a serious disorder which we all have to be careful about.

  • Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and disorders usually come from intense feelings of fear and uneasiness which leads to palpitation, difficulty in breathing, excessive sweating, numbness, and sometimes even blackouts.

Offering Yourself
Some people can easily overcome their mental illnesses most especially if they naturally have a positive outlook on life. However, for most people, that is not always the case. This is why we are all called to lend a helping hand to those in need, whether they ask for it or not.


Many movements are revolving around mental wellness which aims to reach out to people with mental illnesses to help them feel better, stronger and not alone. With or without mental illnesses, it’s important to know the value of our psychological health as it is just as vital as our physical well-being.

Through online forums and sites like this, we can better equip ourselves with the knowledge that can help & manage people with mental health issues, be more open to share our own stories and inspire others, and read more about facts that can help us in coping with such problems and issues.

Together, we can make a huge difference and help others love themselves and prioritize their mental wellness.

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