Ways To Handle Students’ Anxiety And Stress


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Students encounter many types of stress and experience varied levels of anxiety as they go through school. There are their classmates and friends, teachers and professors, school activities, the not-so-friendly associations like bullies, projects, assignments, quizzes, and long examinations. School life is fun but a student who is not knowledgeable about stress management, the school environment will no longer be a place for learning and it won’t be positive to the development of the child.


Types of Stress

First of all, there are two types of stress. There is good stress, also called as eustress, and the one that can develop negative effects to the person is called distress. Eustress allow the person to do more and find ways to make things happen. This is actually a source of motivation or a driving force that makes the person perform productive activities. On the other hand, distress is not a very good feeling and we are all aware of the negative effects it can do to our physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects.


Know the Type of Stress

There are many strategies to combat stress in school, but the first thing to do is to know what type of stress you are experiencing. Aside from the good stress versus bad stress, try to know what causes the stress — is it teacher-induced or peer-induced? Academic life is very stressful especially if laden with so many projects, requirements, assignments, and the dreaded exams; not to mention the types of teachers or professors that are encountered by students. As for peers, demands for acceptance and the need to belong can sometimes be distressing for the student.

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Practice Effective Time Management

The only way to beat deadlines and do more things worthwhile is to have an effective time management skill. There are planners, mobile apps, productivity tools that you can use to apply this. In no time, you will develop the habit of identifying what are your priorities and work on it immediately without losing focus and avoiding other distracting things that can take you away to finish important tasks.



Don’t neglect yourself. Eat your meals and do exercise for a healthy and strong body. This may sound passe already but stressful situations make our body more prone to illness and diseases. A person who experiences more stress is more likely to develop acute medical problems or mental anguish that can further be aggravated if not totally addressed.

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Ask for Help

If things are no longer manageable by yourself, it is recommended that you tell your parents, guidance counselor, and friends that you are having a hard time at school. Tell them openly about the cause of the problem and how it is affecting your present situation. Online help via therapists is also available if you are afraid to talk about it personally. You can visit this site if you wish to seek additional support. Just take it easy and face your struggles headstrong.

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