Types of Therapies to Treat Anxiety Disorders


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Anxiety is a form of mental disorder that an individual may be going through over a period of time. However, there are varying degrees of intensity in which the disorder and the symptoms that accompany it may persist for different people. Thus, various degrees of the disorder need to be treated differently. The treatment will depend on the condition of the individual and whether or not they are comfortable with the procedures involved in the treatment. Diagnosis of the disorder, as well as an understanding of the individual’s state of mind, becomes important. This is in order to determine the kind of therapy that a person will be most responsive to and yield the best results.

The following are the types of therapies used to treat anxiety disorder:

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Somatic therapy

According to this therapy, past traumas disturb the autonomic nervous system. This manifests itself in the form of trauma symptoms. Somatic therapy studies the relation between the body and mind with regard to past events. It involves focusing the individual’s concentration on bodily sensation, breathing techniques, physical work, etc. It includes getting rid of negative thoughts that the individual may associate with any particular condition and returning to a state of homeostasis. It is able to reduce mental stress and physical pain.

Interpersonal therapy

It is a structured therapy, which can be offered online with companes like BetterHelp https://www.betterhelp.com/start/, focused on interpersonal relations between the individual and other people such as members of the family, colleagues, and friends. It lasts for a period of 12-16 weeks with regular sessions. Due to the disorder, there may be certain behavioral changes experienced by the individual which may affect the way they interact with others. It also seeks to observe how symptoms are related to the individual’s relationship with others. Furthermore, it helps in reducing symptoms and enables individuals to make adjustments as per their needs.

Dialectical behavioral therapy

This treatment is used to get rid of self-destructive thoughts and suicidal tendencies experienced by people suffering from such disorders. It includes acceptance of the individual’s experience and balances the change required in order to get rid of negative thoughts. It improves the emotional well being and personal safety of the individual while trying to recover from the disorder. It also helps to cure borderline personality disorder which is characterized sudden and rapid emotional outbursts.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

This therapy helps to figure out the causes behind the disorder that are related to the way individuals behave and react to various situations. It involves observing the negative thoughts and beliefs that an individual may be harboring and transforms them into positive thoughts by allowing the individual to look at situations from a positive perspective.

Eye movement desensitization resolution

This is a form of psychotherapy that helps to treat anxiety disorders. It was observed that anxiety attacks may take place due to the effects of the abundance of stimuli on the brain that trigger an anxiety attack. Movement of the eyes from side to side prevents one from paying attention to any stimulant long enough for it to affect the mind.

Psychodynamic therapy

This therapy draws attention to the process that affects the present behavior of the person when unconscious. It may involve the unresolved issues that are still present in the individual’s psyche. These issues might be manifesting themselves in the form of the symptoms related to the disorder. It helps individuals understand that they are facing different situations. It also helps them to adjust according to situations that they are facing in everyday life, to avoid experiences of anxiety.    



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